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United Farm Workers launches “Harvesting the American Dream” campaign in the heart of the richest agricultural fields in the world

United Farm Workers launches “Harvesting the American Dream” campaign in the heart of the richest agricultural fields in the world 

Keene, CA –Ahead of the national mobilization called the “National Day of Dignity and Respect,” the United Farm Workers is launching the “Harvesting the American Dream” campaign where hundreds of UFW staff members and volunteers will be visiting 100 of the largest farms in California to energize and inspire farm workers and send a clear message to Congress: “We want immigration reform today, not tomorrow.”

The “National Day of Dignity and Respect”  is a national effort calling on communities across the country to bring families into the streets to press for dignity and respect for immigrant families.

On Oct. 3rd, 4th,and 5th, the UFW will be marching into fields of the Monterey, Ventura, Kern, Tulare, Fresno, Madera, and Merced counties, reaching out to thousands of farm workers. The goal is to have farm workers, who are the backbone of California's leading agriculture industry, sign postcards urging Congressman Kevin McCarthy to push for a vote on comprehensive immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship.  As Majority Whip and California’s most powerful republican, Congressman McCarthy not only has a duty to represent one of California’s leading industries but he must decide on what side of history he wants to be.

“Everyone knows that farm workers harvest the fruits and vegetables that feed our nation and the food served at the Capitol Hill's cafeteria. But, it's time that the republican leadership in the House recognizes that these farm workers also deserve the opportunity to harvest the American Dream for them and their children,” said UFW President Arturo S. Rodriguez. Farm workers will be posting pictures of themselves on social media sites using the hashtag: #FieldFotos, #TimeIsNow and #Oct5.

The UFW wants House Republican leaders to allow the democratic process to move forward and schedule a vote on meaningful immigration reform legislation. Current immigration reform legislation pending a vote in the House includes an agricultural agreement negotiated by the UFW and major grower associations that would allow farm workers adjust their immigration status by continuing to work in agriculture.

The UFW and the UFW Foundation are inviting community members to volunteer for the "Harvesting the American Dream." Below are some of the basic details (more details to come):

Various Farms in Monterey County
Starting Address:437 Alisal, Salinas, CA 93907

More Info:(831) 757-6700

Starting Time: 6am-8am & 10am- 1pm

Various Farms in Fresno/Madera County

Starting Address: 450 S. Madera Ave. Suite H, Madera CA 93637

More Info:559-674-4525

Starting Time: 6am-8am & 10am- 1pm

Various Farms in Ventura County
Starting Address: 920 South "A" Street, Oxnard, CA 93030

More Info:805– 486-9674

Starting Time: 6am-8am & 10am- 1pm

Various Farms in Kern/Tulare County
Starting Address:30168 Garces Hwy, Delano, California 93216 and 220 18th Street Bakersfield, CA 93301

More Info:(661) 324-2500

Starting Time: 6am-8am & 10am- 1pm

The UFW, UFW Foundation, Campesina Radio Network, and the Cesar Chavez Foundation have been actively involved in pushing forcomprehensive immigration reform through its 'Con La Union de Campesinos Tendremos Papeles’ (With the United Farm Workers, we will get our papers) nationwide campaign. More activities are being planned for the month of October. To get involved visit our website at www.ufw.org/HAD or call a UFW office in your area.