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Recent UFW Successes
2015: UFW still scoring gains for farm workers
New contracts signed in 2013
Contracts re-negotiated in 2013
50th Anniversary Convention
New contracts signed in 2012
Contracts re-negotiated in 2012
President Obama dedicates Cesar Chavez National Monument at Unions Keene CA Headquarters
U.S. Labor Dept. reinstates decades-old farm worker protections rules - UFW applauds return to bi-partisan farm worker regulations
Beef Northwest Contract Signed
$1.68 Million Settlement Reached in One of Largest Sex Discrimination Cases against San Joaquin Valley Grape Grower
Thousands in four states honor Cesar Chavez by marching for immigration reform
Dole Strawberry Contract Signed
Historic D'Arrigo Contract Signed
Charles Krug Mondavi wine boycott is over! Nearly two years after being fired, workers back on job and have new contract
Historic United Farm Worker Union Contract signed by Boardman dairy workers, First in the State of Oregon
AgJobs included as part of immigration reform bill . (Legislation providing earned legislation for farm workers)
5-year contract signed with Monterey Mushrooms
Farm Worker Movement Fights For Citrus Freeze Victims
Governor Schwarzenegger issuing a state of emergency for January's citrus freeze--that included farm workers--within the first two weeks of the freeze, instead of taking months to achieve like in 1998.
UFW wins card check Election at Threemile Canyon Farms and Willow Creek Dairy
Krug workers turn in more than 18,000 boycott Krug signatures
Farm workers settle lawsuit for $3.5 million with D’Arrigo Bothers
Farmworker's family gets $180k from insurance in heat death case
New Congress reintroduces AgJobs (legislation providing earned legislation for farm workers)