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Workers are fed up with Fred Meyer's bull
Prima workers rallying at company office RIGHT NOW. Take action to join them virtually!
Pesticide drift - a bigger problem than you thought.
Big Celebration in Delano: You're invited to the 40th anniversary of the Agbayani Village on 6/21/14
Join the nationwide “Facebook bombing" of Rep. McCarthy’s Facebook page
Sign the pledge and tell your store manager you don't want milk from these cows
Troubling new pics of cow abuse at Darigold. Please take action.
Read Hector's story & then join Prima workers on Thursday in a National Day of Action at Walmart
Hold Walmart accountable for Prima brand products
Do you want to drink milk that comes from these cows?!
Click here to download a flyer to give to the manager at your local Walmart
Can you help Maria and her co-workers? -- Hold Walmart accountable for Prima brand products
Take action to assure your food is safe
On the anniversary of Cesar's passing many risk arrest to support a vote on immigration reform
Tell the state of California to take Prima's owners to court ASAP!
Sign the petition asking President Obama to declare a Cesar Chavez national day of service
Cesar Chavez movie opening weekend: What you can do.
Click here to ask President Obama for a Cesar Chavez National Day of Service
Share your UFW Story!
Tell Gerawan to have a heart: Sign the online Valentine's Day card today!
Tell the EPA that you support stronger pesticide protections for farm workers Rules protecting farm workers from pesticides in the field are weak and unenforced. Sign the petition now!
Time for action on this kid-harming chemical
Wish Helen Chavez a happy birthday
Rally virtually with Darigold workers